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You can send individualized messages to your students in one go. To this end create a file with the following format:

username1@domain1: text

username2@domain2: text

username3@domain1: text
For example:

kjohnson123@msu: You received B- on your midterm

gsmith98765@msu: Please stop by during office hours so we can discuss your grade

cblack567891@msu: Congratulations, you received an A on your midterm

To distribute such messages to your students:

  1. Select Messages on the Inline Menu or Send and display messages on the Main Menu.

  2. At the Communication/Messages screen, select New Messages from File.

  3. On the Broadcast Message screen provide a subject and a general message text to be sent to all recipients.

  4. Click on
    Browse ...
    and select the file containing individualized messages you have previously created on your computer.

  5. If this is a "critical message", select "Send as critical message", see Help.

  6. Click Upload and Send.