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Possible answers to study sheet for video VT 0440:"Conquest of the Parasites"

I am writing this up because some of you evidently got lost with the British accents--W. Crone


  1. one-quarter
  2. penetrate
  3. hosts
  4. chronic, long-term
  5. tropics
  6. one foot
  7. anemia
  8. human beings
  9. vectors
  10. elephantiasis
  11. onchocerciasis or river blindness
  12. dying microfilariae
  13. resistance
  14. cercariae in the water, burrowing through the skin
  15. forty
  16. eggs
  17. human beings and snails
  18. kill all of the snails or treat the entire population of human beings
  19. sleeping sickness in Africa; cattle
  20. tsetse fly; game animals (wildlife)
  21. malaria
  22. night
  23. vaccination
  24. smallpox
  25. vaccination--use of dead or weakened (attenuated) live parasite to give the immune system an advanced warning of disease, so that the immune system will swing into action to surround and kill the parasite upon exposure
  26. antigen; antibody
  27. genetic engineering (molecular biology)
  28. bacteria
  29. host proteins (within three days)
  30. surface antigens
  31. false
  32. the"hard school of" evolution
  33. malaria
  34. sporozoite; merozoite; gamete (gametocyte)
  35. thirty minutes, then safely inside of the liver
  36. false
  37. the world community of developed nations
  38. husk or lungworm
  39. Africa
  40. yes!



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