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Additional Course Information for Biology 03050, Invertebrate Zoology

Sections 001R-0004R, Dr. W. Crone, Fall 1999

Dr. Wilson Crone, Assistant Professor


303 Fitzgibbons (FTZ)

Office hours:

Tuesday 12-1 in Biology Study Center, AMZ 219 and 1-2 in my office; Thursday 12-1 in my office; Friday 11-12 in AMZ 219 and 12-1 in my office; or by appointment

Phone number:

629-7439, my office at HVCC. Includes voice mail.



Web page:


The grade in my sections of the course will be determined as follows:

50% lecture average.

300 points

from three 100 point hour exams during lecture time, with multiple-choice and essay questions.

20 points

From one 20 point"warm up" quiz in week 2

40 points

from take-home assignments (described below). Each assignment is worth 20 points. 40 points possible from best 2 out of 3 assignments.

360 total lecture points



25% lab average. 180 total lab points. To be described by handout in lab.


25% final exam. Comprehensive for the course. 150 multiple-choice questions, approximately 10 questions/week. Crib sheet will be allowed for final. No exemptions.

so (lecture average) + (lab average) + (final exam average)= class average, with 100-90 A, 89-80 B, 79-70 C, 69-60 D, 59-0 F.

General Academic Policies:

During exams, no books, notes, crib sheets, or other written material, unless specified by the instructor, can be used. Looking at another's student's paper during an exam is not allowed. Giving or receiving assistance during an exam is not allowed. Any student requesting a regrade of an assignment or an exam should write out the reason for the regrade on a separate sheet of paper. You should make no additional marks on the assignment or exam in question. ANYONE COMMITTING SUCH ACTS OF ACADEMIC DISHONESTY WILL BE DISMISSED AND/OR GIVEN AN"F" FOR THE COURSE.

Schedule of Events:

Hour lecture-time exams. DO NOT MISS EXAMS: a missed exam will result in a grade of zero. If I am notified beforehand or right afterwards about a truly serious situation, e.g., documentable illness, death in the immediate family, family emergency, I may allow you to take an essay-only make-up exam, which will be harder than the scheduled exam (since you will have had extra time to study for it). If you will be out of town or will be not present on the day of the test, please notify me to take the test earlier.

dates for hour exams: in room FTZ 152


covering weeks 1-3


(week 4)


covering weeks 4-7


(week 8)


covering weeks 8-11


(week 12)


Take-home assignments are to be typed (printed out)--learn to use those keyboards! Feel free to hand in early, as I will not accept late assignments. The one exception: you will be allowed to hand in one under my door on a Wednesday for the semester (my accomodation to a commuter school). They will be graded and returned in recitation on that Thursday and Friday. You have plenty of time to do them--be organized!

take-home assignments:

#1, distributed 8/30, due 9/14

#2, distributed 9/20, due 10/12

#3, distributed 10/18, due 11/9

Each part of the question(s) can be answered in a paragraph or two. Answer the questions thoroughly, yet concisely. The assigment questions/problems are open book. You are free to look at additional sources, although I will be mostly taking them from lectures and the text. Furthermore, you may discuss and work together on the problems. Each student must type or print out his or her own answers, however. IT IS ACADEMIC DISHONESTY TO COPY ANOTHER'S WORK and those with copied papers will all be dismissed and/or given the grade of"F" for the course. Document when you are making a direct quotation or are using language or idea substantially from author, e.g., (author, year) following the citation. If you cite the text, a possible format can be (Hickman and Roberts, p. 514). If you are using a source other than the text, e.g., (Crone and McDaniel, 1997), you will need a full bibliographic reference to that source at the end of your assignment. The full references in your bibliography need to cover author, year, title, magazine, volume, and pages. One possible format for all of this information is:

Crone, W., and McDaniel, C. N. 1997. Flowering response to transplanting and rooting manipulations in Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 158: 231-235.

For popular magazines, the volume number may be hard to find, so that I will accept the date of the issue instead. Newspapers, magazines, or journals that covers scientific issues, e.g., New York Times science section, National Geographic, Natural History, Discover, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Science, American Zoologist, etc. can be useful sources. Web sites may also be used, with appropriate documentation.

Recitations. You are personally responsible for material presented, and so attendance is expected at all lectures, laboratories, and recitations. The lecture and laboratory schedules are listed in the general course outline. Recitation is a time to review course material and answer questions that have arisen from the week's material. In addition to that, I have planned activities, although the main focus should be on your questions and discussion. The tentative recitation schedule for sections 001R-004R is as follows (for both Wednesdays and Fridays):


9/1, 9/3

Finish lecture; review of grading policies; group classification activity

Week 2

9/8, 9/10

Quiz on lecture; cell biology video

Week 3

9/15, 9/17

Review for 1st lecture test

Week 4

9/22, 9/24

Return and review of 1st test

Week 5

9/29, 10/1

Video on cnidarians

Week 6

10/6, 10/8

Begin review for 2nd test

Week 7


No class 10/15 (Fri.); review

Week 8

10/20, 10/22

Return and review of 2nd test

Week 9

10/27, 10/29

Catch up on lecture

Week 10

11/3, 11/5

Arthropod video

Week 11

11/10, 11/12

Review for 3rd lecture test

Week 12

11/17, 11/19

Return and review of 3rd test

Week 13


No classes: Thanksgiving

Week 14

12/1, 12/3

Multiple-choice review for final

Week 15

12/8, 12/10

Multiple-choice review for final

Week 16

12/15, 12/17

Multiple-choice review for final


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